“So Disappointing”: Fans Left Raging After Patrick Mahomes Gets Stripped Off the Kentucky Derby Spotlight

Chiefs fans are upset again, which is pretty weird because the team just win a Super Bowl less than three months ago. So why the outrage? It was supposed to be a day of excitement and celebration as the world tuned in to watch the 2023 Kentucky Derby. At the forefront, delivering the ceremonial “Riders Up” was none other than the heartthrob of Chiefs Nation, Patrick Mahomes.

Fans couldn’t wait to see their favorite QB and the face of their franchise open the iconic Kentucky Derby. But tragedy struck for the absurdly excited fans who tuned into KSHB-TV just to get a glimpse of the opening moment of the Derby. One might even say fans were swept away like a tornado as their expectations shattered.

As Mahomes stepped up to give the ceremonial call, viewers across the country were glued to their screens, eager to witness the moment. But just as the QB began speaking, the coverage was cut short. KSHB-TV, the local channel covering the event, cut away to a weather update, citing a tornado warning. Fans were, of course, left raging, as their favorite QB was stripped of his spotlight.

Fans were especially angry as they called out the news channel for shutting out Mahomes.


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