“Sorry for Your Loss”: Simone Biles’ Brother Announces Tragic News Leaving Many Sad

Amidst celebrations for a big day that gets closer and closer, Simone Biles‘ family is not having it easy with the ups and downs. After the gymnast’s brother went through a surgery for his hips, he, unfortunately, had another bad news come up. Having always been grateful for his family and friends, Ron Biles shared something personal.

In an Instagram post accompanied by a long caption, Ron explained the downfall that he and his wife, Sammi, faced. What was meant to be a surprise for fans and a moment of joy for the family turned into tragic news. As fans poured in with their love and support, here’s what happened.

The Instagram post was a picture of an ultrasound accompanied by a quote that read, “There is no foot too small that it cannot leave an imprint in this world”. A little while ago, the couple found out that Sammi was pregnant in a completely coincidental situation. Having always championed IVF, a natural conception almost felt like a dream they never thought of.

However, the joy didn’t last for long. After more than nine weeks, Ron announced that the baby didn’t make it. The sadness hit extremely hard this time around since nothing indicated toward a tragic ending to the pregnancy. According to Ron, Sammi’s levels were doing well, she was healthy, and they even got a due date before things came crashing down.

Fans rushed in to support the couple with kind and considerate comments. Many shared their own experiences of miscarriage with comments like, “My husband and I have been through this more time than we can count! Definitely praying you and your wife”. Others sent in their prayers and love with comments like, “Praying for Sammi and her healing during her appointment. Prayers for you both as you go through this. I can not even imagine, but I know you are both tremendously strong”. Fans also expressed their shock at the news – “I have no words. We will pray for healing and filling your heart with joy again” and “Truly so sorry for your loss. May you take comfort from those around you who want to support you both I am sending prayers and hugs God bless.


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