Stick to being yourself! Kate urged to stop ‘trying to be someone else’


Kate, 40, has often been compared to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, who died tragically in a car crash in 1997. Earlier this week, a previously unseen portrait of the late Princess emerged, taken by esteemed photographer David Bailey in 1988, with many commenting on the striking similarities between Diana’s snap and the portraits released to mark Kate’s birthday earlier this year.

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The never-seen-before Diana portrait shows her looking to the distance, just like Kate in one particularly ethereal portrait, and the stance – which comes across as both powerful and regal – is particularly fitting for two of the most famous royal women in recent history.



Both royal women also wore one-shouldered gowns in the snaps, and the portraits follow the same black-and-white theme.

Royal biographer Angela Levin tweeted about the similarities between the royal women and claimed the Duchess doesn’t need to emulate anyone else.
She wrote: “I think Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge should stick to being herself. She doesn’t need to try to be someone else including Diana. She’s great as she is.”


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