‘Take away all perks!’ Queen urged to strip Meghan and Harry of titles immediately

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PRINCE HARRY is reportedly “very happy” with his choice to step down from royal duties, and a majority of polled Express.co.uk readers are glad the Sussexes abandoned royal life, but many insist their titles should be abandoned too.In a poll of 1,498 Express.co.uk readers, held from January 3 to 4, 52 percent of voters said Meghan and Harry were right to give up as senior working royals. One reader nicknamed “Yorkshire lass” commented: “Yes, it was the right decision to leave. They have caused upset since leaving, but it would have been worse had they stayed for a number of reasons.”



The reader claimed “Meghan would never have adapted to royal life” and “would have expected everything to be changed to suit her”. Another reader, Grace Gunaratne, said the couple “did the right thing and left the Royal Family and this country”. Addressing her comments to Meghan, she added: “Don’t even think of coming back near our gracious Queen and Royal Family ever again. Enjoy your new life, newfound freedom, and newfound money in your chosen country. Good luck!”



Prince Harry affected by losing military titles

On the other hand, 48 percent of voters said the Sussexes should not have departed the Firm.Many voters said the pair should not have left because of the upset the decision may have inflicted on the Queen.



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Despite voters being divided on whether the Sussexes should have given up their royal duties, one thing was clear, an overwhelming number of royal fans believe the Sussexes should be forced to give up their royal titles as Duke and Duchess.



An Express.co.uk voter nicknamed “Old Reo” said: “Hand in your titles and enjoy your private life in LA! Don’t bother popping back, you won’t be missed.” One reader commented: “They left, the firm should take away all perks and titles. Once you have left a business you hand in keys and passes.”

While another remarked: “It’s good they are out, but they should have been fully sacked, all titles taken away, and not a penny from the UK.” In the last two years the couple have made the most of their freedom and signed a number of lucrative contracts with streaming giants Spotify and Netflix, which are thought to be worth £100million.



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In April 2021, the Sussexes announced “Heart of Invictus” as its first project with Netflix; a documentary series about the international sporting event for wounded or ill servicemen and women, founded by Prince Harry. The family of four is expected to return to the UK in May to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, as well as attend the Invictus Games in the Netherlands.



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It would be the first time the Queen will meet her great-granddaughter, Lilibet, and the first time she will have seen Archie in over two years.


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