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TAYLOR Swift and Travis Kelce are on course to become the richest power couple in entertainment after his win at the Super Bowl.

Experts believe they could become worth more than £4billion eclipsing the fortunes and influence of Jay-Z and Beyonce or David and Victoria Beckham.

Entrepreneur and former NFL star Evan Oglesby, 42, said there is “no cap” on their earning power given the “connection to the fans in sports and showbusiness.”

He said: “In modern times. I mean, Travis is not the first person to date a celebrity, but he is one right now that’s capturing the attention of America and the world. It’s a great storyline.

“They brand at £4 billion. I don’t even think that’s the cap on that really. That’s the minimum.

“Travis is a professional and for one, I mean he’s one of the greatest that ever played that position. It is highlighting who he is as a person.

This will elevate him no matter what happens. Travis Kelce is favoured by so many.



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