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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s most romantic moment to date: sing ‘Love Story’ before kissing each other at Chiefs party

The two shared an adorable moment during the post Super Bowl party in Las Vegas

Love is in the air! Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift shared one of their most intimate and adorable public moments to date during the Chiefs post Super Bowl party at a Vegas night club.

The couple spent much of the night dancing with each other after the Chiefs historic win and the night was capped off with a touching moment that Swifties are losing their minds over.

During the latter stages of the night, the DJ rather fittingly played Swift’s hit song ‘Love Story’ which perfectly encapsulated the heart-warming moment shared between Travis and Taylor. As seen in a video filmed from inside the club, the two were seen singing along to the song as they embraced each other. Then, once the tune concluded, they romantically kissed each other.

The internet couldn’t get enough of the moment. “He got the girl,” read one comment on the video which was posted on X. “Universe works in crazy ways,” said another.

Travis also filmed jumping up on stage during the song and performing some hilarious dance moves. “I f-cking love you guys,” he shouted in a fit of excitement and passion to all those inside.



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