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Taylor Swift attending Chiefs-Patriots game at Gillette Stadium

Taylor Swift loves playing at Gillette Stadium. She famously did a rain show in a downpour in Foxborough.

On Sunday, she was at the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New England Patriots to watch her BF Travis Kelce play the AFC East team.

Last night, after an offensive offside penalty wiped out a touchdown that would have given the Broncos a puncher’s chance against the Lions, Denver coach Sean Payton threw a few verbal haymakers at quarterback Russell Wilson.

Watch the video. Although we can’t hear what Payton is saying — and Payton shut down the most basic questions about it after the game — it looks like the kind of tongue-lashing a player gets when he has done, or not done, something that he has been told on multiple prior occasions to not do, or to do.

To his credit, Wilson stood there and took it. Maybe he was stunned. Maybe he knew Payton had a point. Maybe, if it happens again, Wilson will give a little of it back. Regardless, I can’t remember Payton ever going after Drew Brees like that in all their years together with the Saints. (Maybe Payton did; I just can’t remember it.)

After the game, Wilson was asked whether he believes Payton still has faith in his quarterback, given the animated nature of the display.

“Yeah, I mean, of course,” Wilson told reporters. “I think the biggest thing is we’re trying to score a touchdown there. I think we all want to score there. I think that’s our focus and that’s — you want a coach that’s passionate. We want players that are too, and everything else. And so, we wanted to score a touchdown. I think my biggest thing is always trying to focus on the next play and unfortunately, those few plays, we didn’t get the touchdowns there, so that was the only unfortunate part about that part.”

The situation came up earlier, when Wilson was asked what Payton’s message was during his rant.

“Yeah, I mean, obviously, we wanted to score that drive,” Wilson said. “Unfortunately, we didn’t. I think, more than anything else, we’re just frustrated we didn’t score there, because we were going to make that 28-14. Obviously, they end up stopping us, and that was the really, honestly, the disappointing part, because of that play where [fullback Michael] Burton got in. I think that’s just we’re a little frustrated.”



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