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Taylor Swift is the ultimate quiet luxury style icon, but experts say it’s probably a PR move

No stranger to being scrutinized, Taylor Swift has long been accused of downplaying her wealth, particularly after a Forbes report published in October said she’s now worth an estimated 1.1 billion.

It can be easy to forget that Swift is no ordinary person, but a billionaire who has made more money from music published in the past four years than David Bowie’s estate made from selling his whole songwriting catalog for $250 million in 2022, according to Bloomberg.

Swift is often seen in simple, understated outfits when not on stage or at red-carpet appearances. There are no Birkin handbags or Rolex timepieces in sight.

Though her outfits are unassuming, her clothing is often from minimal, quiet luxury brands – like The Row, where a pair of white pants costs over $2,000.

Quiet luxury is a popular trend that considers wearing low-key, minimal, good-quality outfits the true way to look sophisticated and wealthy.

It’s not uncommon to see Swift wearing a miniskirt and turtleneck sweater, or a boxy blazer and dress. Both outfits don’t scream superstar or billionaire, though that’s not to say they aren’t stylish outfits.

Why is it so easy to forget that Swift is a billionaire? The answer is simple.

She doesn’t look like one.



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