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Taylor Swift played ‘important role’ in bridging across age, gender during NFL

Expert weighs in on popstar Taylor Swift’s NFL presence that sparked controversy

Taylor Swift received hate throughout the 2023-2024 NFL season for grabbing the spotlight cheering on her boyfriend, Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The critics claim that the focus hasn’t just been on the players’ performances but also on the frequent appearances of Grammy-winning artist, sparking a debate over the blending of sports and celebrity.

Weighing in on the matter, Madeline Moitozo, CEO of Juniper Media, a media company focusing on social change, told OK! Magazine how big of a role the singer plated during the NFL.

She said, “Taylor has taken the world by storm, and she has become a household name. And football, for many men, has been a refuge – a place where they can do the thing they want to do. So, for some, I think her presence feels a bit violating.”

“They feel like this is their space and she is intruding on it,” she added. “It’s interesting because the reality of how much the camera goes to her is about .0035 percent of the game (roughly 44 seconds). It is minuscule, but powerful because of the territorialism.”

“They don’t want her presence to impact the culture of football,” the former journalist continued, though she noted her attendance is “undeniably important in bridging across age and gender.”

The expert continued: “She is causing more women to watch, but she is also giving fathers across the country a new way to bond with their daughters. I’d ask fans complaining about the few moments of attention she gets during the games to give pause.”

“Their daughters are watching the game, but they are watching the men in their lives too,” Moitozo said. “And when they hear them gripe about Taylor’s time on camera, they are watching men invalidate their role model for supporting her partner.”

“That message matters and can subconsciously translate to ‘take up less space, be smaller, it’s not safe to shine.’ Taylor’s ability to bridge the gap is powerful, and for some, even healing.”



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