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Taylor Swift screams ‘F***!’ as she learns to hate NFL refs

Taylor Swift is learning the finer points of the NFL since starting her relationship with Travis Kelce — including swearing at the refs.

Swift was in the box to watch Kelce and the Chiefs face the Patriots in New England when her man didn’t get a call for pass interference in the end zone.

As for whether the call was correct or not, that’s a matter of perspective. It does look pretty egregious — but also, Kelce really played this one up and embellished how much he was interfered with.

At the end of that day that doesn’t really matter. NFL fan rules dictate that any all against your team is incorrect, and when that includes a loved one being in the mix then it takes it to whole new levels.

Absolutely swear at the refs in this instance, Taylor. If they weren’t wrong on this specific play they’ll get 10 others things wrong before the season is over.

As for the future of Swift vs. Refs, one could say that when the Chiefs are winning they have mad love, but when calls don’t go KC’s way it becomes bad blood.



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