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Taylor Swift: Who Did She Play in CSI? Did Her Character Die?

For those wondering who Taylor Swift played in CSI and whether her character died, here’s everything you need to know about Haley Jones.

Taylor Swift played Haley Jones, a high school student.

With just over four minutes of screen time, Taylor Swift had a minor role in season 9 episode 16. While her time onscreen was short, she had several interactions with one of the show’s primary characters, Nick Stokes, and seemed to leave a lasting impression on him.

Taylor Swift’s changing hair color is likely to be of interest to fans. In the show, she goes from her usual blonde to black. After dying her hair black, Swift’s character also sports multiple piercings, giving her a completely different aesthetic.

Yes, Taylor Swift’s CSI character, Haley Jones, died.

She was killed by Nicole Jones, her adoptive mother, who stabbed Haley with a pair of scissors during an altercation that got out of hand.

The pair argued over Haley’s new hair color, with Nicole threatening to cut the teenager’s hair off. Instead, she impaled the 16-year-old with a pair of scissors. After the stabbing, Nicole failed to call for help, leading to Haley’s death. If Nicole had phoned someone, perhaps Haley would have lived.

Needless to say, Haley Jones did not reappear for future CSI episodes. For Taylor Swift, it was a one-and-done deal, with her cameo limited to this single episode. As a reported big fan of the show, Swift was apparently excited to be part of it.

YouTube user “cause i’m nacho princess” has compiled all scenes that feature Taylor Swift:



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