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Taylor Swift & Zeena LaVey: Are They Related? Are They Sisters?

Some fans are wondering if Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey are related, causing the topic to trend. With the pair described as looking somewhat similar, it’s understandable why fans might be wondering if Swift and LaVey (also known as Zeena Schreck) are sisters, cousins, or related in some other way.

No, Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey are not related.

According to publicly known records, Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey can’t be linked. They don’t share any family members and are completely separate people from separate families.

The similarities between Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey have caused social media users to hone in on the two women’s similar aesthetic. Because of this, searches for “Taylor Swift and Zeena LaVey” begin to snowball, and fans begin discussing various “theories.”

One such theory is that Taylor Swift is a clone of Zeena LaVey. With the latter previously being heavily involved with The Church of Satan, as her father Anton LaVey was its founder, rumors about Swift’s apparent clone roots have spread.

As ridiculous as it all sounds, videos can be found on TikTok and other social media platforms discussing Taylor Swift potentially being a clone.

Despite looking somewhat similar, the pair do not have the same parents. Nor are they connected in any other way. They simply look similar.

Another “Taylor lookalike” can be spotted in the commercial from 1981 embedded below. Some fans (hopefully jokingly) believe that this is evidence of Taylor Swift traveling through time:



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