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Taylor Swift’s brother charms Travis Kelce’s family at Christmas: took it to ‘new holiday heights’

Taylor Swift’s brother, Austin, is taking Christmas to “new holiday heights.”

As Swift and Travis Kelce’s romance continues to heat up, the pop star and the NFL player’s families are becoming close. Kelce’s sister-in-law, Kylie, gave Austin a stamp of approval for his Christmas spirit.

During the “Kelce Family Year End Holiday Spectacular” podcast episode, Kylie chose Austin as the “New Heights Holiday Stamp of the Week.

When Travis, 34, asked Kylie to choose one person who she thinks took their game to “new holiday heights,” she replied, “Whoever wore the Santa suit.”

“Ooh, nice, that was Austin Swift,” Travis confirmed before he added, “It was Santa Claus.”

“That was a full commit, and I respect that,” Kylie, the wife of Jason Kelce, Travis’ brother and also an NFL player, reacted.

Travis agreed and praised him for his holiday ensemble: “It was a full commit. And he killed it.”

He continued to talk highly about his girlfriend’s brother, and shared the thoughtful gift he received from Austin.

“He actually made me feel like a child because his gift to me was straight out of the bag,” Travis explained. “It was in the Santa sack, whew, [he] whipped it out and handed me a VHS of my favorite football movie of all time.”

Austin gave Travis a VHS copy of the 1994 film “Little Giants.” The movie is about two brothers’ rival youth football teams, which is appropriate since Travis and his brother Jason play for different NFL teams.



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