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Taylor Swift’s Fan Base Are Going Nuts Over Travis Kelce’s Unearthed Misogynistic Tweets

Taylor Swift’s boyfriend Travis Kelce is catching a bit of heat from Swifties from some old tweets that he posted.

Amid Taylor Swift’s highly-publicized relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, problems are starting to creep in after some Swifties found some things online that have them worried.

Some of Travis Kelce‘s old tweets have resurfaced and they have sparked a wave of reactions from fans and the public alike. The old tweets raised eyebrows due to their perceived misogynistic nature.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end had tweets about plus-sized women and some derogatory remarks about ladies in general.

Here are just a few of them:

As a man, you have something wrong with you if your going for girls that weigh more then you!!” he wrote.

“Haha when fat people fall, it’s like slow motion entertainment, cuz they never just fall, they always tumble and gradually hit the deck.”

“I gotta get out of here, its too weak!!! im getting attacked by ugly girls,” read one of the tweets.

“Damn the clippers girls gotta be the shi–y girls that don’t make the Lakers girls team, cuz they all was ugly,” he posted.

Other users agreed that Kelce was quite young when he wrote these things but many people would not let it slide.



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