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The 5 best and 5 worst Taylor Swift moments of the year

With a record-breaking tour, a box-office smash, and a steady flow of new music — not to mention the ever-bright spotlight on her personal life — news about Swift has become virtually inescapable, even for the uninitiated.

She was recently named Person of the Year by Time and hailed as “the last bastion of monoculture” by Vogue.

However, not all of Swift’s headlines have been flattering. Given her influence, talent, and alarmingly devoted following, it can be easy to forget (or willfully ignore) that Swift is a real person with flaws and blind spots.

Even as a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I try to resist the trap of celebrity worship. In every fandom, there should be room for both praise and critique.

The unrivaled reach and power that Swift has accrued, especially this year, makes it even more important to hold her accountable.

In this spirit, I rounded up the biggest highlights and letdowns that came with being a Swiftie in 2023.

With just one line in the outro of a deep cut, Swift created a symbol of femininity, joy, and the shameless embrace of sentimentality: “Make the friendship bracelets, take the moment and taste it.

” Such is the power of her songwriting.As many culture critics have already pointed out, The Eras Tour personifies the importance of girlhood. But it’s not just about handmade jewelry.

It’s about every lyric Swift has written that makes people feel seen, every memory she has committed to music — whether it’s a teenage crush, a twentysomething heartbreak, or an adult epiphany.



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