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The latest ‘New Heights’ episode opens with a tampon ad. Is it the ‘Taylor Swift effect’ or something else?

A top sports podcast’s latest episode opened with an ad for Tampax and listeners are taking notice.

The audio version of Wednesday’s episode of Travis and Jason Kelce’s New Heights kicks off with a 30-second ad geared toward listeners who may be new to using tampons. Some suspect it has to do with co-host Travis Kelce’s high-profile relationship. Others say it’s a sign of the times.

The truth is, if you’ve never used a tampon, it can seem a little scary,” the ad begins. “It might take a few tries to get it right but when inserted right, tampons shouldn’t hurt.”

The ad is a part of New Heights’ audio episodes on Spotify and Apple Music. It does not appear to be a targeted ad that only reaches some demographics but rather is integrated into the episode. Notably, (and thankfully,) it’s not narrated by either of the Kelce brothers.

It’s not the first time Tampax has placed an ad with New Heights. On X, formerly Twitter, there are a few scattered mentions of the tampon company’s ads on the podcast as early as October, weeks after Taylor Swift first attended a Kansas City Chiefs game. Still, this appears to be the first time an episode has opened with a Tampax ad.

It’s possible the ad choice has to do with New Heights’ recent surge in female listeners. According to data from Edison Podcast Metrics, the podcast’s listening base was 32% women before Travis Kelce and Swift went public. Now, it’s 50% women.

Not only has the high-profile romance between Kelce and Swift helped grow the show’s weekly reach,” the report said. “But it has also significantly changed the gender breakdown of the show’s listeners.”

The NFL has also reported similar spikes in women’s viewership since Swift became a Chiefs fan.



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