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Ted Nugent Says There’s ‘No Fire’ In Taylor Swift’s ‘Poppy Nonsense’

Ted Nugent is making it clear he has “bad blood” with Taylor Swift’s music.

The right-wing rock musician, known for his controversial remarks over the years, knocked the “Karma” singer’s sound in a recent appearance on “The Joe Pags Show.”

So I’m afraid to say in this world that’s gone down the toilet in all aspects, I’m afraid the success of Taylor Swift – and again, God bless her work ethic, God bless her musical dreams – but that’s cartoon music,” Nugent said.

I mean, it doesn’t have any piss and vinegar. There’s no fire, there’s no sensuality in that. I’s all poppy nonsense as far as I’m concerned and it’s the most popular stuff in the world which is an indictment to the music industry and music fans.”

He went on to claim that music fans aren’t looking for “that fire” from artists like ZZ Top, Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels, Brownsville Station and The Amboy Dukes – his own former group.

Nugent has not been so “enchanted” by Swift in the past, Blabbermouth.net noted, as he resorted to his “cartoon music” claim again in an episode of his “The Nightly Nuge” show back in June.

The rocker’s take on the Time Person of the Year arrives after several right-wing personalities have taken aim at the singer over her Eras Tour, her relationship with Travis Kelce and her attendance at Ramy Youssef’s comedy show benefiting Palestinians in Gaza.

Former President Donald Trump, who Nugent has supported over the years, also recently shared an article that stated Time made a “massive mistake” in giving the Person of the Year title to the singer.

The latest conservative criticism of Swift arrives at the end of a year where she broke a number of records including for her Eras Tour, which made over $1 billion and became the highest-grossing concert tour in history.



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