“They Didn’t Think They Would Live to See This”: Mother Randi Mahomes Had an Emotional Moment on Camera After Patrick Mahomes’ Second Championship Win

The NFL is no stranger to dynasties. From the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers of the 1970s to the New England Patriots of the 21st century, there have been many football teams that have dominated the sport. The latest to join that prestigious list might be none other than Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. The Chiefs just won their 2nd Super Bowl in their 3rd appearance at the Championship game over the last 4 years. And, it seems Mahomes’ mother Randi Mahomes was really emotional when they won the championship earlier this year.

With nearly half a decade of dominance under their belt and much more to come, it isn’t difficult to predict that a dynasty will be amidst us soon. And of everyone involved in the process for Mahomes and the Chiefs to reach the level that they are at, no one could be prouder than his mother, Randi Mahomes.

Just a few days after Patrick’s second Super Bowl win, Randi gave an emotional interview, reflecting on the journey that led them to this moment. The Mahomes family was never one from a football background, especially given that the head of the clan, Patrick Mahomes Sr., was an MLB star in his own days. Randi reflected on the dynastic nature of the championship-winning Chiefs squad.

For Randi, this is more than just a win for her son and his team. It’s a win for the city of Kansas, and for all the fans who have been waiting for this moment for years.

“But thinking back of, you know what, what I grew up with and what I’ve seen and like seeing it now, and just kind of hearing stories from other fans and people here in Kansas City, of how they didn’t think they would live to see this,” she said in the interview

If there were ever to be a modern-day dynasty to run the NFL, Mahomes and the Chiefs certainly would be the perfect team to fill the role. Patrick Mahomes is certainly the people’s champion as well. As Randi said, “I love the people, and it’s just something that if, if it’s in his control at all he’s gonna he’s gonna do it. That, that’s just his passion and his love for the game or any game that he’s dedicated to”.


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