“This Is Bad” Simone Biles Already Having Second Thought About Her Upcoming Wedding…

The clock is ticking as the unrevealed wedding date draws closer. Moreover, Simone Biles is successfully building anticipation and keeping fans on their toes with her social media updates. Pre-wedding insinuations, wedding dress trials, and a recent series of stories, we even know their honeymoon location — the exotic islands of Bora Bora. However, steering the spotlight away from their bridal bells, the athlete recently intimated her fiance and football safety, Jonathan Owens’s NFL plans for next year.

In a recent Instagram story, as a part of the platform’s popular questionnaire feature, Biles shed light on the star athlete’s association with the Houston Texans in the future. She implied that Owens is a free agent, and thus, it is difficult to elucidate his tie-in with pro teams in the sport’s domain. Moreover, she revealed that the fact makes her anxious while her fiance remains unbothered by it. Here’s what she said.

The 26-year-old icon shared the most interesting set of updates today. She allowed her fans to catch up with her whereabouts, through the “Ask Me Anything” feature of the platform. Seizing the opportunity, a fan enquired, “Is your fiance staying on the Texans next year?” to which the Olympian legend responded by highlighting that the football icon is a “free agent.” Owens earned this liberty through his long expertise in the game. It gives him the privilege to sign with any franchise, unrestricted. “You never know what will happen in the NFL,” she added.

Besides that, the gymnastics champion expressed her concern for this aspect of the NFL and claimed, “& that truly makes my anxiety go while he’s all cool, calm & collected.” Undoubtedly, the 27-year-old Texans’ star has got it all figured out while Biles needs some reassurance on her to-be husband’s athletic endeavors.

Amid all the wedding cheers, a certain fan thanked her and swimming legend, Michael Phelps for their mental health advocacy. The fan declared that they enrolled in therapy because of their efforts. Another striking question pondered upon how the adorable couple met. Interestingly, Biles disclosed that it was through, RAYA, a “celebrity” dating app, in 2020.


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