“This is how all Serena Williams’ opponents feel” – Venus Williams reacts to sister’s hilarious new practice video

Tennis icon Serena Williams recently shared a hilarious video from her practice session. In the looped video, Serena Williams is repeatedly hitting a forehand, but instead of the tennis ball, she’s hitting an edited version of herself, which is flying out of the ground.

Venus Williams, Serena’s elder sister, loved the video and shared it via her Instagram story. She joked that all of Serena Williams’ opponents feel like they’re being played off the court by the 23-time Grand Slam champion.

“I can’t get enough of this. This is how all Serena Williams’ opponents feel,” Venus Williams wrote on Instagram.

Venus Williams’ childhood coach, Rick Macci, believes that the American veteran will retire from tennis at the US Open this year. Speculation about Venus’ future in tennis has been rife since Serena Williams decided to ‘evolve away’ from the sport after the US Open last year. Their childhood coach, Macci, stated that he expects the Williams sisters to contest the women’s doubles event before Venus’ retirement.

Macci discussed his bond with Venus Williams and said that when he had Venus and Serena under his tutelage, he had a closer relationship with Venus. He mentioned that Venus was like his daughter, and they shared an amazing bond.


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