“Together Soon”: Brittany Mahomes Gears Up To Join Beautiful Ex-Partner of Patrick Mahomes’ Teammate For A Personal Goal

The Mahomes family is moving on from their devastating loss a few days ago. Patrick Mahomes grandmother Debbie Martin recently passed away after fighting a bout with illness. His wife Brittany Mahomes is also slowly making her comeback on social media. In the midst of their grief, Brittany shared adorable videos of her and her husband spending quality family time to provide some relief from the painful experience. Brittany also recently had a Q&A session with her followers on Instagram.

During the session, she answered a question that concerned her getting back with Patrick’s teammate, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend.

While the Mahomes family support each other through the demise of their Grandma Debbie, Patrick’s teammate Travis Kelce is the highlight of rumors about a possible bonding with rapper Megan Thee Stallion. During an Instagram Q&A session by Brittany on her stories, one follower asked about the whereabouts of Kayla Nicole, as the duo was one of the follower’s favorite friendships.

In the story, we see Brittany replying to the question, stating that she is planning on catching up with her friend very soon. She replied by saying, “We will be together soon enough” while tagging Kayla on the story. Both Kayla and Brittany share a strong bond of friendship with each other. The ex-girlfriend of Travis Kelce was also present during Brittany’s bachelorette party before her marriage with the Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes. The two are also gym buddies and will probably use their time together to get even more swole and fit.

Kayla reposted the story and expressed her desire to hug Mahomes and her beautiful children. While the rumor mills keep churning on about Travis’s new possible love life with Megan Thee Stallion, it seems like Kayla is excited as well to reconcile with one of her closest friends.


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