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Travis Kelce did NOT give Taylor Swift her enormous opal birthday ring as mystery behind opulent jewel is FINALLY revealed

Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh Sperry revealed she purchased the stunning opal ring that her pal Taylor Swift wore on her 34th birthday, not boyfriend Travis Kelce.

After fans spent over a week convinced that the stunning, pear-shaped accessory was from the Kansas City Chiefs star, the 31-year-old actress took to Instagram to reveal the piece of jewelry was actually from her.

‘Love this ring I had made for my friend, she’s bejeweled,’ the Californian-born influencer wrote on her Instagram Story. ‘Love you, T!

Sperry also shared a video of Swift marveling over the gems as the singer raved: ‘This is unreal, Keleigh! Opal and blue topazes, wow!’

‘This is, like a present for Elizabeth Taylor, not me,’ Swift gushed, clearly taken aback by Sperry’s thoughtfulness.

You’re my Elizabeth Taylor!’ Sperry sweetly replied, without missing a beat.

Her post comes after the Taylor Swift fan account, Swiftieinkc, theorized the ring was from the 12-time Grammy winner’s other half, 34.

Surprisingly, Sperry ‘liked’ the video, a move which only strengthened the theory.

The video also contained a photo of Keleigh and her husband seemingly admiring Taylor’s new ring while out in New York on her birthday.

‘It looks like Taylor is showing off that specific ring to Keleigh and Miles Teller, who are also rumored to be the potential Cupid matchmakers of Taylor and Travis,’ the TikToker said of the photo of Taylor, Keleigh and Miles.

Describing her interpretation of the three looking at Taylor’s hand, she added: ‘This to me is giving gift, it’s giving look what he got me, it’s giving look how beautiful this custom piece is.’

The TikToker also explained the significance behind the opal and topaz stones – opal is Kelce’s birthstone, while topaz is Taylor’s.

Taylor has also previously said opal is her ‘favorite stone’, revealing how it was a source of comfort when she was in high school.

‘My favorite stone is an opal because when I was bullied in school, my mom used to take me to T.J. Maxx after school to look at the opal jewelry. I thought opals were so beautiful, and somehow it made me feel better. We never bought them, just looked,’ she told Us Weekly back in 2017.



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