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Travis Kelce Reacts To Taylor Swift’s Beer Chugging Skills

Travis Kelce is impressed by Taylor Swift’s ability to throw back a cold beer.

Swift captivated the nation when she was spotted on the jumbotron during the Super Bowl absolutely erasing a beer in epic fashion. Whether you like her music or not, she left no doubt that she can throw them back.

What does her football star boyfriend think of her skills? He’s a fan!

Travis Kelce praises Taylor Swift’s beer drinking skills.
Travis and Jason Kelce discussed it on their podcast, and it sounds like both were very impressed. The former Eagles star told his brother, “I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what was going on at first. I was sitting behind them, and I saw them go for the drinks. And then I go, ‘Oh, this is happening. Chug, chug.’ She’s getting after it. Pretty cool,” according to Fox News.

“And this is on the Jumbotron. Nice. And then the slam down…She’s a pro,” the Kansas City Chiefs tight end added.

I don’t care who you are, you have to give props to Taylor Swift for her beer drinking skills. To paraphrase Shaq, I must apologize because I was completely unfamiliar with her game.

OutKick is a pro-beer publication. We celebrate the freedom to crack cold ones open with the boys, and we won’t apologize for it. While some in America might want to restrict freedom, we believe in dishing out as much freedom as possible – including the freedom to chug a beer at the Super Bowl.

It appears Taylor Swift is on a similar wavelength, and Travis is a fan. Much respect.



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