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He criticized Kelce for his endorsement of the Covid-19 vaccine and his promos with Pfizer

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has not made any friends for himself in the world of mixed martial arts.

UFC president Dana White was the latest sports figure to criticize Kelce for being sponsored by Pfizer and promoting their Covid-19 vaccines.

Appearing on the Full Send Podcast, White criticized the promotion of the vaccine as something ‘we don’t need’ and called the jab ‘garbage’.

I don’t know him. I don’t know anything about him, other than he’s a good football player,’ White said on the podcast. ‘He’s getting a lot of attention right now.

It’s pretty f**kin’ obvious we don’t need it, but like I say, to each his own man. It’s like people that are still wearing masks. You’re basically just telling everybody “Hey, I’m nuts. Check me out, I’m f**king crazy.”‘

White’s comments followed those of one of his employees, controversial MAGA MMA fighter Colby Covington.

On a podcast this week, Covington mocked the Chiefs tight end for his partnership with the pharmaceutical company – which saw him earn $20m in endorsement money.

Covington said that Kelce’s endorsement makes him the true villain in sports’ debate over the jab.

‘[Kelce’s] believing in: ”Oh, I’m paid off by Pfizer; guys, get two shots at the same time, that’s the healthiest thing you could ever do with your life,”‘ Covington said – referencing the CDC recommendation of getting a Covid shot and a flu shot at the same time.

‘Dude, two shots?’ Covington continued. I’ didn’t get the vaccine, I don’t believe in [the] vaccine, but I’m not against someone that does believe in [the] vaccine.’

‘If you do get the vaccine, you should probably just get one at a time because if there’s an adverse and wrong effect in it, then how are you going to know which one’s the cause of it if you’re getting two at the same time?’ Covington asked. ‘That’s irresponsible. Travis Kelce is one of the biggest pieces of s*** of all time the fact that he’s advising people to do that.



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