UFOs? Aliens? It’s Kim Kardashian’s new SKIMS out-of-this-world collection

In recent days, the topic of UFOs and aliens has been on everyone’s lips, thanks to the U.S. and Canadian governments announcing the downing of three unidentified objects, a matter that went viral on social media and got fans thinking about the possibility of an encounter with extraterrestrial beings.

Although governments have pointed out that such objects are most likely made by humans and not of alien origin, it is a fact that the topic became fashionable again.

o much so that businesswoman and model Kim Kardashian took advantage of the fever for the topic to give a preview of the new swimsuit collection of her brand SKIMS which, curiously, uses the extraterrestrial theme.

The collection goes on sale February 21

Kardashian is a specialist in taking advantage of trends to create publicity for herself, and she usually succeeds. So she took advantage of this whole UFO thing to post on her and SKIMS’ Instagram accounts, a preview of the new collection, which will be on sale starting February 21.

“I know you guys have been waiting… @SKIMS Swim is finally coming back! Get ready for our biggest launch ever with all-new out of this world styles and colors you have to see to believe, plus the return of sold-out favorites on February 21,” the post reads. The campaign was photographed by filmmaker Harmony Korine.

In the images, Kim appears with several models wearing spectacular bikinis, but they have alien heads, so her millions of fans have joked that she is actually the one behind the sightings.

“All those UFOS shot down to get us ready for the launch of the skims swim, now it all makes sense,” wrote one, while another joked, “On the next episode of the Kardashians, Kim: “Mom, the government literally shot down my SKIMS drones. They were just a promotion.”


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