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‘UNACCEPTABLE’ Taylor Swift relationship with Travis Kelce ‘stopped Chiefs star from being disciplined for Super Bowl altercation’

David Samson has claimed Travis Kelce’s relationship with Taylor Swift played a part in his lack of punishment.

FORMER MLB boss David Samson has slammed Travis Kelce for his Super Bowl sideline altercation with coach Andy Reid.

During the second quarter of their eventual 25-22 win against the San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs star Kelce was spotted raging at Reid on the sideline.

Following a fumble by teammate Isiah Pacheco, Kelce headed for Reid, barged into him, and screamed directly into his face.

Reid remained stoic throughout, opting not to react before Kelce was held back by teammate Jerrick McKinnon.

Former Miami Marlins president Samson took issue not only with Kelce’s behavior but also CBS’ coverage of it.

“[CBS] showed Kelce and Reid, and then they never mentioned it again,” Samson told Dan LeBatard.

“And I never saw a camera. Did Reid go and talk to Kelce? I didn’t remember, did Kelce sit out a series?

“What were the ramifications of what Kelce did to Reid during that game? Because they both covered it up after they won the game.”

Samson described Kelce’s behavior as “Unacceptable,” adding that he felt it gave an insight into his “Level of anger.”

He went on to suggest that the apparent lack of ramifications could stem from Kelce’s relationship with pop sensation, Taylor Swift.

“No excuse for what he did,” Samson said.

“But I believe that CBS and I believe the Chiefs gave him an out because of Travis Kelce, because of Taylor Swift, and they didn’t want to ruffle any feathers and I would have benched him…One series.”

Later, Samson stood firm on his stance, saying, “I’m not out of my mind because you’ve got a team of 50 players who are watching what Travis Kelce did and saying, ‘Oh, I guess he can do that.’

“It’s not as though Kelce’s not being treated differently already with all of the ridiculousness around Taylor Swift.”

Since the game’s conclusion, Reid has continually played down the incident with Kelce.

For example, shortly after the win, Reid laughed off the matter when speaking with CBS.

“He keeps me young. Tested that hip out,” he joked.

“He caught me off balance – normally, I’d give him a little bit, but I didn’t have any feet under me.”

In a subsequent interview with NBC Sports’ Peter King, Reid explained what happened in the incident.

“He’s wound up so tight,” he said.

“He says, ‘Don’t count me out! I’m good! I can do this!’

“I love that intensity. It radiates.”

After having had some time to reflect, Kelce took to his New Heights podcast to admit he went too far.

“I can’t get that fired up to the point when I’m bumping coach and getting him off guard. When he stumbled I was like, ‘Ah s**t,'” he recalled.

“I’m a passionate guy, I love coach Reid. Coach Reid knows how much I love to play for him, how much I love to be a product of his coaching career.

“I’m not playing for anybody else than Big Red. If he calls it quits I’m out of there with him.”

“I have got a certain relationship with him. He’s checked me a few times.

“I just wanted to let him know that I wanted this thing and that he can put it on me and I got him.



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