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Unbelievable: NFL analyst brands the Chiefs QB as a ‘public enemy’!!!

Well, what many thought could happen one day, has happened sooner than later. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is one of the most important players in the NFL, he has led team to Super Bowls wins and he and his teammates, as well as the rest of the organization, will be looking for more.

People would think that as one of the faces of the league, he is beloved by the bast majority of the fans and media members, but there is something that has prevented that from happening.

It turns out that fan bases all around the country are getting tired of him wining, something that is understandable considering the Chiefs have pretty much dominated the league in last few years.

Now, Mahomes has made a popular list of people that are not liked very much. ProFootballTalk?s Mike Florio said that the Chiefs quarterback has already made his team so good in six years of being a starter, that it has become tiresome for NFL fans. It appears nobody is impressed anymore.

Patrick Mahomes as the Kansas Chiefs starter has won 74 games in his career, while only falling in 22. His average record every year is 12 or 13 wins with 4 losses, considering the expanded schedule. However, Mike Florio and many other are not crazy about it anymore.

He has made the Kansas City Chiefs so good and he is so good that now it’s gone from ‘oh what a great story, Patrick Mahomes is so good, he is so awesome’, to ‘I am so sick of Patrick Mahomes, I am sick of the Chiefs, I am tired of the Chiefs, I don’t want to see the Chiefs anymore’. That’s what makes him a public enemy,” Mike Florio said on an NFL on NBC video.

In 2024 we will find out if the perception changes or it remains the same around the NFL, both commentators and fans








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