Venus Williams Does Not Hold Any Grudges Against Her Sister Serena Williams Despite Their on Court Heated Rivalry

The world has had the honor to speculate two of the world’s most result-promising athletes, Venus Williams and Serena Williams, for almost two decades of their career span.

Daughters to veteran tennis personality and their former coach Richard Williams, the Williams sisters haven’t sparred any competitor from their ruthless and jaw-dropping performances. They were also placed on the world’s No. 1 spot for elongated periods.

Although Serena walked away from tennis in 2022 after putting up a series of final appearances at the US Open 2022, her elder sister Venus continues to compete in the WTA circuit. For now, Venus does want her name anywhere near in association with the word ‘retirement’.

Having raked up a colossal amount of Grand Slam titles to their names, the Williams sisters have often crossed paths with each on the court and went into battles to determine the champion to many such major tournament crowns.

The stakes were drawn high whenever they were set to have a face-off against one another on the court and owing to the same, the duo put on an impressive and air-grasping show whenever they ascended from an on-court battle.

Despite having several face-offs, Venus Williams, regardless of the outcome, did not hold anything against her younger sister Serena and rather applauded her impressive form back in the day saying, “Serena was such a formidable player at the time. She would win the US Open just on her second try. At one point we ended up playing five Grand Slam finals in a row against each other. It’s a dream.”

Venus has faced her 22-time Grand Slam champion sister Serena Williams a total of 31 times since the early years of her career in 1998. The pair have faced each other 15 times in a Grand Slam of which 11 times were the championships’ final.

How many times Venus Williams has beaten Serena Williams
The iconic Williams sisters duo have certainly done justice to the acclamation they’ve received over the years and haven’t held back from giving out their best efforts even when they faced each other on-court, sending a wave of electrifying energy through the crowd.


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