VIDEO: Patrick and Brittany Mahomes Go on a Bull Ride, But What Unfolds Leaves Everyone in Chuckles

Patrick Mahomes is one of the biggest names in the NFL currently. And this summer, our beloved Kansas City Chief’s star quarterback, with his fabulous wife, Brittany, embarked on a unique escapade that has left us chuckling and cheering. Brace yourselves, because the Mahomes duo decided to take on a mechanical bull ride at PBR Big Sky in Kansas City.

A royal ride for a good cause
In the heart of early June, the city was abuzz with excitement as Patrick and Brittany Mahomes joined an illustrious roster of celebrities at a charity event. And where else could such an event take place than the PBR Big Sky? Known for its lively atmosphere and mechanical bull rides that can humble even the bravest souls, this was the ideal setting for the daring duo’s escapade.

In the viral video, we see Patrick and Brittany, an inseparable pair, deciding to conquer the mechanical beast together. As the footage obtained by TMZ shows, the couple hopped onto the bull. Brittany leads the charge and Patrick is right behind her.


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