“Was It a Good Financial Decision to Pay For Your Blue Checkmark?” Simone Biles Fans Backfire at Critic Questioning Her Finances

Going all out to celebrate her bridal shower, Simone Biles has sustained the financial jitters in the recent past as the couple spent massively for their upcoming wedding. Taking this as an opportunity to slam the gymnastics star, a user dragged her financial stability into question on Twitter. Biles was quick to notice, despite her hectic wedding preparations. Biles had all the right answers and fans came to her rescue in the process.

The man posted the comment in response to Biles’s controversial “sugar daddy” comment in an older tweet. So, what was her controversial sugar daddy comment that forced Root Beer Papi to react and created a storm on Twitter? Read on to find out!

Simone Biles’s contentious statement leads to volatile reactions on Twitter

Biles shared in an earlier Twitter post, “I just checked my credit card statement, I need a sugar daddy LMAO.” While equally entertained and shocked by this comment, fans gave mixed and diverting reactions on Twitter.


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