Was Patrick Mahomes’ Haircut the Real Reason Behind the Kansas City Chiefs Winning Super Bowl 2023?

The guy who holds the secret to Patrick Mahomes’ victory over the Eagles is none other than Mahomes’ own barber, DeJuan Bonds. After Mahomes completed his rookie year in professional football, his weekly haircuts were entrusted to DeJuan Bonds, as reported by the New York Post.

Bonds is the proud owner of ‘Purple Label Barbershop’ situated in Overland Park, Kansas. In the most recent installment of the Quarterback series, Mahomes revealed his readiness to embrace a new hairstyle, sparking excitement among fans.

How Patrick Mahomes’ haircut played a factor in the 2023 Super Bowl win
To answer the burning question on everyone’s mind, Mahomes stated on last year before game, “DeJuan will keep me fresh. He always gives me the right cut. He’ll be in town this week and he’ll make sure that I’m clean walking into the game.”

Chiefs’ quarterback, who dons the number 15 jersey, clinched the Lombardi trophy in 2020. During the Super Bowl LIV showdown against the 49ers, Patrick Mahomes emerged victorious, with his trusted barber Bonds cheering from the stands at Hard Rock Stadium.

However, the following year’s attempt to secure victory in 2021 against Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay team fell short. Sadly, Mahomes’ barber couldn’t perform his usual haircut ritual due to unforeseen circumstances.

As Bonds explained, “When we were in the last one, since we were in COVID, they had set up a barber setup for me at the Arrowhead facility, but I caught COVID, so they couldn’t get haircuts.” This unfortunate lack of haircut seemed to correlate with their loss. Bonds humorously noted, “So Pat went to the Super Bowl busted – no haircut. That’s why we lost. ’Cause he didn’t have a haircut.”

Fast forward to Mahomes’ second Lombardi victory on February 12, 2023, at State Farm Stadium. Bonds, who had been the team’s barber from 2009 to 2019, once again played his magical role.
Just before the Super Bowl LVII game, Bonds bestowed his signature haircut upon Mahomes, a feat that undoubtedly pleased the Chiefs fan within him. Notably, the bond between Mahomes and Bonds proved instrumental once more as Mahomes secured the victory.

Mahomes’ hairstyle over the years
Mahomes’ stylish haircut is typically referred to as a ‘mohawk fade,’ while some people know it as the ‘Show Me cut,’ inspired by Patrick’s nickname. Over the years, Mahomes hasn’t made drastic changes to his hairstyle, but there have been some noticeable differences for those who pay close attention.

His unique curly hair sets him apart from other quarterbacks. However, he often sports his signature style: sometimes a neatly trimmed look around the ears, and at other times, he adopts a grain-sized hair length in the same area.


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