watch Kaley Cuoco Reactions To Her Co-star Zosia Mamet On Birthday

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Kaley Cuoco pays heartfelt tribute to co-star Zosia Mamet on special occasion .The Flight Attendant stars have become very close. Kaley Cuoco took to Instagram on Wednesday to pay a special tribute to her The Flight Attendant co-star Zosia Mamet. The actress shared rare pictures of the two of them over their time together working on the show and beyond for her birthday.



Along with several sweet and quirky shots of the two of them posing for a variety of selfies, she shared an emotional message, even opening up about hard times she went through over the past year. Kaley wrote: “Happy happy birthday to the princess unicorn fairy that is @zosiamamet!! I am so grateful you danced your way into my life and have never left.



Kaley Cuoco

“You deserve the entire world. The kind, hilarious, sweet, empathetic, adorable, genius way about you, truly touches everyone you meet. “I’m not sure what my life would look like over the last few months, if you weren’t around telling me to go to work, and that it’s gonna be ok…



“I love you forever sister wife. There is no one like you my widdle smoosh!! You will always be the Annie to my Cassie! Boop!” She even shared a video of the two singing to each other during hair and make-up for their show, and fans loved seeing their close bond.

One commented: “Best friends forever,” with another saying: “Love that you 2 are always smiling when you’re together, you really found each other.” Zosia enthusiastically replied with: “I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING,” and a flurry of heart emojis.



Kaley has grown close to several of the cast and crew members of her Emmy-nominated show, but did reveal recently that they’d gotten into a particular habit that irked her. She shared a series of clips and pictures depicting others working on the show trying to scare her at every opportunity, leaving her paranoid while walking around set.

The actress wrote on one of the hilarious clips she shared: “This is literally every day. This entire cast and crew has plotted against me and now scares me at every turn. I am not safe.”




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