Watch: Rare Video Shows Mind Boggling Throw by Patrick Mahomes Warning All 31 Foes of Scary 2023 Season

The 2x Super Bowl champion, Patrick Mahomes, started as a secondary lead quarterback. In his rookie year, he was a backup QB for Alex Smith and from 2018, the man has only brought up wins for the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes, known for his power-packed throws, once again stunned fans with a jaw-dropping video.

The 5x Pro Bowl made a huge comeback on the field in the second half of the Super Bowl despite his sprained ankle. He’s one of the best quarterbacks of all time, if not the best, but he still keeps practicing to get better. The rare, behind-the-scenes video of Mahomes is circulating online creating waves of sensation amongst the fans. Let’s see what the 2x First Team All-Pro has up his sleeve this year.

Mahomes’ throw can’t be missed!

Considering his young age, Patrick Mahomes has achieved so much that he’s often compared to the GOATs, Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Recently, a video was posted on BBQ Dom’s Instagram page which was a small peek into this season’s secret throw by Mahomes. He is seen running and throwing the ball behind his back to pass it to another player. It’s speculated that he might use the same pass on-field this year. His team also made a comeback this year as they surpassed 43 yards.

Fans are thrilled to see this happen on-field. The video doesn’t give away much other than just that one brilliant pass. The post is captioned, “Is this the year we see a behind the back TD pass from Mahomes? Are you guys working on this.”

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As this year’s season is approaching, fans are eagerly waiting to watch the exciting games that will happen. This video surfing online reminded the fans of the coming season that Mahomes’ has not stopped but is still improving his skills to have a blast. His trainer, Bobby Stroupe had a few comments about his body which help Mahomes in playing the way he does.

The MVP’s unique body gives him an edge

There is no other quarterback in history who’s reached 100 career TD passes as quickly as him other than Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. But this doesn’t conclude that he has a prototypical quarterback body.

His trainer Bobby Stroupe says that his body is like an inverted triangle, his upper body is really big and his lower body is comparatively smaller. But one thing that makes his body unique is his long flexible spine. He doesn’t rely on his upper body to play but rather uses his upper body to pass due to the extreme twist and turn capabilities.

Even though he doesn’t look like a prototypical player, it’s working for him. He does a great job at using what he has in the best way possible. His trainer too focuses on his upper body and not his lower body as much. What do you think of his abilities as a player? Let us know in the comments section below.


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