“What do you wish people knew about you/your family” a fan asked. To this, Brittany replied

NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes is known for being the ‘good boy’ of the NFL. However, as Patrick tries hard to avoid controversy of any kind, his family often drags him in all sorts of trouble.

On numerous occasions, Patrick’s wife Brittany has embarrassed her husband by engaging in unwanted shenanigans. Who can forget the time when Brittany sprayed champagne during icy cold weather on the crowd after her husband’s team registered an impressive win. Not only this, Brittany’s fiery take about the game and her husband on Twitter often ends up catching a lot of fire.

Brittany Mahomes’ latest Instagram story is going viral
However, Brittany is nowhere near Jackson Mahomes when it comes to embarrassing Kansas City’s star quarterback. Right from dancing on Sean Taylor’s memorial to throwing water on an opponent fan, Jackson has been all over the place with his less than cordial acts.

However, during the 2022 season, Jackson wasn’t seen getting involved in many controversies and fans were breathing a sigh of relief. However, Jackson being Jackson, recently got himself involved in one of the biggest controversies of his life. Apparently, Jackson forcibly kissed a Kansas City woman inside a bar.

Moreover, a video of the incident also went viral which resulted in heavy backlash on Twitter and as expected, an investigation was also launched in the case. While Jackson has denied all the charges, NFL fans reckon that he should spend the rest of his life in prison.

While the Mahomes family has been largely silent about Jackson’s case, recently, during an Instagram Q&A session, Brittany posted a cryptic message which is forcing fans to speculate that she might be referring to Jackson’s controversy.

What do you wish people knew about you/your family” a fan asked. To this, Brittany replied, “that we truly don’t like attention and would like to just live our lives in peace and privacy.” Is Brittany talking about getting some privacy while her family battles through Jackson’s case?

Jackson Mahomes has been largely absent from social media in recent times
Ever since the recent s*xual harassment case came to light, Jackson has distanced himself from social media and one can understand why. Whatever he posts or shares might end up going against him in the court of law if the case goes to trial.

While Jackson hasn’t posted anything new on his Instagram account since the case, he has shared a couple of old posts on Insta stories. One of those posts was with his brother Patrick, suggesting that his elder brother is standing with him in the time of crisis.

The other one was of Jackson showcasing his biceps which suggests that he wants to put the message out to the world that despite all the troubles, he is efficient enough to deal with it. It will be interesting to see what happens next in Jackson’s case.


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