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What Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift can teach us about relationships

Travis Kelce is leaving Las Vegas with the Lombardi Trophy and Taylor Swift in tow, but it’s the latter of the two that has been most talked about. Throughout the 2023 NFL season, “Tayvis” has been a buzzword. The NFL used Swift’s likeness in promotions, Super Bowl bets were named after her songs, and sports fans, Swifties, and sports fans who are Swifties alike tuned in to game after game, participating in discourse about all things not related to football.

The coverage of their relationship—from rumors of “getting to know each other” to speculation of an engagement later this year—has been everywhere, and for some, it has been overdone. But not only has Swift’s presence in the stadiums pushed a different group of people to take interest in a game they might not have cared about before, it has also shown viewers the makings of a seemingly happy relationship despite being on some of the world’s biggest stages.
Though in actuality we know next to nothing about their relationship and many believe it’s fabricated. I believe there are lessons to be learned from watching Travis and Taylor’s love unfold in front of our eyes.

Swift attended many Chiefs games this season, and Kelce has attended the Eras Tour twice so far: once at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and again in Buenos Aires, where Swift famously changed the lyrics of her song “Karma” to: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”

Whether or not you have to travel across the globe to make it to your partner’s work event, it’s important to show up to things that are important to each other. This can also include showing up mentally.

Cheering on your partner in a way that resonates with them and being the support system they need is crucial to a healthy relationship.

A large part of being in a relationship is taking the time to learn about what your significant other enjoys. Swift grew up a Philadelphia Eagles fan, but likely didn’t have to care about football plays and rules as much as she does now. Throughout the season, cameras panned to Swift watching the games intently. Viewers could even see her stress-picking at her nail polish and yelling profanities to her friends in the suites when calls wouldn’t go in favor of the Chiefs. Not only was she there to watch, she was in on the action.

Kelce shot his shot with Swift by bringing a friendship bracelet to her show with his jersey number on it. He didn’t get to give it to her there, but it led to the pair connecting. Though the gesture seems small, who knows what would have happened if he didn’t think to do that?

Put in the effort for the things you want. It shows you care and are willing to do what it takes to get their attention. Then, once in a relationship, continue putting in that effort to keep them. That’s how you get the girl.

When you’re a power couple who broke a Grammy record and won the Super Bowl within the same week, it’s easy to celebrate the highs. Maybe you’ll party in Las Vegas until the sun comes up. Maybe that partying will include singing, “You’ll be the prince, and I’ll be the princess,” to your real-life boyfriend as a DJ plays a song you wrote as a teenager.

Highs can be simple, though; if your partner is proud of a task they’ve accomplished at work or in their personal life, celebrate them and tell them you’re proud, too. And when there are hard times, be there for each other just the same.



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