When Joe Rogan Insulted Patrick Mahomes’s Wife!,How did Brittany Matthews React to This?

When Joe Rogan Insulted Patrick Mahomes’s Wife!,How did Brittany Matthews React to This?

When Joe Rogan Insulted Patrick Mahomes’s Wife!

The Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1946 featured stand-up comedians Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffir as guests of the UFC commentator, Joe Rogan. The episode, Protect Our Parks 7, featured a three-and-a-half-hour conversation in which the four comedian friends discussed a range of topics. Among them was Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, and his wife.

“They keep that same energy when they get divorced”: Joe Rogan Humiliated Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Matthews for Her Excessive Narcissism After Fans Claim She’s the Worst Thing to Happen to Kansas City Chiefs

The Mahomes family was the topic of discussion on the podcast with Rogan and his guests following the Kansas City Chiefs 38-35 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl LVII. Joe Rogan and Shane Gillis started talking about Mahomes’ wife around the halfway point of their conversation.

The co-host of Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast told Rogan about the wild celebrations Brittany Mahomes had with her friends over her husband’s performances. After that, the group watched a video of Mahomes cheering on a Kansas City Chiefs achievement. As per them, she displayed a lot of energy in the clip, which prompted some sly remarks from Rogan.

The former Fear Factor host went on to say, “Whoa Jesus! [I] Promise, they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you. They come after you with that same energy.”

Rogan’s remarks follow Matthews’ allegedly upsetting some fans throughout the course of the season with trash-talking and excessive celebration.

It’s obvious that Patrick must adore his wife, but none of his admirers seem to feel the same way. There is a general feeling among those who dislike Brittany Mahomes that she simply used to overdo things at times. She has excessive energy, and her chaotic energy on Instagram is indicative of who she is.

How did Brittany Matthews React to This?

Even though she has received abuse for standing by her husband, Brittany Matthews maintained a brave façade. She was never shy about speaking her mind, though; in February 2022, she addressed the online trolls she had been receiving on Twitter. The comedians, Joe Rogan, Shane Gillis, Mark Normand, and Ari Shaffer have most recently come under fire from her for discussing her on The Joe Rogan Experience.

"I TOOK Brittany mahomes VIRGINITY"

The four comedians then played a clip of her dancing in a private viewing box while cheering on her quarterback husband during a string of Chief’s victories.

She responded to this with her series of tweets. One included saying, “You guys just be making stuff up these days,” along with a series of laughing-crying emojis.

Brittany Mahomes recently shared a video on Instagram that featured her husband’s standout game-winning plays. Several fans chose to vent their resentment at Mahomes in the comments section, despite the fact that the 27-year-old was only congratulating and supporting her husband.

Nevertheless, a number of Chiefs supporters did defend her, stating that she was free to celebrate the victory the way she wanted to.


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