Why Prince Harry & Duchess could still play a MAJOR role in Prince Charles’ coronation

Prince Charles may include Prince Harry


MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry will be heavily involved in Prince Charles’ coronation, despite quitting their active roles in royal life.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex quit their roles within the Royal Family with the Queen’s permission in order to live as private citizens.



Many Brits would assume that making such a decision would rule them out of playing any significant role in the crowning of the next monarch.But in reality the pair are still incredibly consequential as the son and daughter in law of a the new king and will therefore be encouraged to take part as much as they like, and certainly be involved in wider photos.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Christmas card 2021 - Lilibet to be seen for the first time

Royal commentator Christine Ross told the Royally Us podcast “Because of that historical moment where you have Charles, William and George, we’ll probably see them front and centre and their families front and centre.”
“[But] I do imagine that Charles will want a larger family group shot of the existing Royal Family… “I do think that Harry would be a part of that and Meghan may be as well if she wanted to be,” she added.


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