King William and Queen Kate: coronation

King William and Queen Kate Secret coronation


Never before has the British monarchy been more under threat than now. Over the past two years, Queen Elizabeth’s family has been embroiled in some of its biggest scandals to date.From Prince Andrew’s close ties to convicted paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and his car-crash BBC interview to the aftermath of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave, The Firm has been shaken to its foundation.



Now, in an unprecedented move, it is understood the Queen is undertaking private talks with her son and heir, Prince Charles, to inform him of her decision to allow her grandson, Prince William, 38, and his wife, Duchess Kate, 39, to take over the crown.



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The historic move comes amid speculation that, after 70 years on the throne, Her Majesty will abdicate and sidestep Charles, 72, whose popularity has dropped in recent times. Sources say the Queen, 94, feels it is in the best interest of the monarchy – and the only way it will survive.



“King Charles III is hardly equipped by either appearance or habits to bring a breath of fresh air and reform to the monarchy,” explains royal expert, Clive Irving.

“William seems to understand this. As the palace struggled to recover from being caught off-balance and off-message by the revelatory Meghan and Harry interview with Oprah Winfrey, we saw William and Kate do what they always do so well: go out and give an effortless example of how to ‘keep calm and carry on.’”



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Speaking exclusively to New Idea, Irving, the author of The Last Queen, says Megxit is no doubt the “most stressful family crisis” that Wills has so far faced and, in doing so, has proven his ability to rule.



“He is well able to handle it, as painful as it must be for him. And, in Kate, he has a wife who shares his sense of duty and will always be a rock for him in turbulent times.

“William has long realised that he has to be the ‘non-Harry’. And more and more, he and Kate are the stoics, the ‘no-drama’ couple in a family all too full of drama.”



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In fact, preparations are said to be already underway for the official announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s rise to the throne, with a secret coronation ceremony set to take place on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary on April 29. A public celebration will be held at a later date, once COVID-19 restrictions ease.


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