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WWE Superstar The Miz Makes Jason and Travis Kelce an Enticing Offer

While Travis Kelce and his brother Jason are still doing very well in the National Football League, there are plenty of new directions they could go with their career in the future — and WWE’s Mike “The Miz” Mizarin has an exciting pitch.

Mizarin spoke with TMZ recently about Travis being interested in possibly wrestling with the WWE, and the two have allegedly already been in contact about the prospect.

“I’m always, you know, sending DMs to Travis being like, ‘Hey, you know, you’re pretty good in the ring. I think you could do pretty well,'” said Mizarin when the reporter asked about it.

He went on to note that a major event for the sport, WrestleMania, will take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in April 2024, which is where Jason’s football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, is based.

“You know, I never say never… It would make complete sense,” Mizarin went on, before pitching a possible opportunity for Jason after his retirement from the NFL. “Jason Kelce, I mean, maybe he retires after this year. And then what better way to go out with a match at WrestleMania?”



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