“You Just Feel Beat Up”- Venus Williams’ Injury That Ended Her Career

American tennis professional Venus Williams has certainly reached the peak of her ability to give out and maximize goals any athlete could have planned for themselves. In her career span of almost two decades, she has impressed the tennis community with breathtaking performances.

The 7-time Grand Slam champion is the elder sister to yet another acclaimed tennis pro, Serena Williams, with whom the duo has also bagged several doubles championships. Although Serena walked away from tennis last year in 2022, Venus is still looking forward to competing in the WTA Tour with all her might.

Venus’ career, however, has been full of ups and downs as the former world No. 1 went through a rough patch of experiencing excruciating symptoms of fatigue, swelling, and joint pains owing to an underlying issue which the tennis icon later revealed.

With intentions of competing in the 2011 US Open, Venus Williams made an abrupt retirement announcement from the tournament after she was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease, Sjogren’s syndrome. This forced the star into taking an elongated recovery period.

Although the cause for encountering this disorder hasn’t been determined, as of yet, it is believed any bacterial or viral infection might trigger its onset. The disease has a wide range of symptoms but mostly revolves around a person experiencing dry and cotton mouth that makes tasks such as swallowing food extremely painful.


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