Your guide to Florida’s biggest, best music festivals for 2023

Your guide to Florida's biggest, best music festivals for 2023

Big concerts happen nearly every day in Florida, but for the really big shows you need to head out to a festival.

On the positive side, you will find a bunch of acts that play the same general kind of music — country or rock or hip hop — all for the price of a single ticket.

On the other hand, you will likely find big crowds of other people who love that kind of music and you will be subject to Florida’s weather, which might be baking hot, pouring rain or filled with bugs. When your favorite band kicks into the encore, though, it will all be worth it.

Here are some of the biggest fests scheduled in the Sunshine State in 2023. Note that the big fall festivals — Suwannee Roots Revival, Suwannee Hulaween, Country Thunder, Electric Daisy — have generally announced dates but not who will be playing, so we left them off this list.


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