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Your smile is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life” Taylor Swift leaves a ‘mark’ on Travis Kelce’s neck

Taylor Swift left her mark on boyfriend Travis Kelce.

The couple apparently got hot and heavy before his team Kansas City Chiefs’ big game against the New England Patriots on December 17th.

Re-surfaced clips and snaps from the game circulating social media showed what many Swelce shippers pointed out appeared to be a “hickey” on the NFL star’s neck peeking through his shoulder pads.

“A mark on Travis’ neck,” one eagle-eyed fan pointed out in a tweet alongside a zoomed-in photo of the love bite on Kelce’s neck, while another squealed in excitement, “TAYLOR LEFT A HICKEY ON TRAVIS????

Even sports commentator Pat McAfee chimed in, noting in his morning show, “It did look like he had a hickey right there on his neck. That made me think, ‘Him and Taylor are just having fun.”

However, some fans considered that the mark could simply be a bruise, possibly from some wild football action.

“It wasn’t there during warm-up. It’s a scrape from the game,” one person pointed out, with another chiming in and further explaining, “Those types of marks are very common among football players because of the shoulder pads rubbing.”



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