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Donald Trump Uses Travis Kelce Lure To Bait Taylor Swift Into 2024 US Presidential Election Endorsement

Donald Trump has recently made an attempt to ask Taylor Swift to team up with him amidst the approaching elections. The former US President used Travis Kelce as a scapegoat in his appeal to Taylor.

Donald Trump made headlines once again, and this time, he has involved Taylor Swift’s name to grab attention. The former US President has asked Taylor Swift to team up with him instead of Joe Biden and used Travis Kelce as a scapegoat. The US Presidential elections are approaching and Trump wants Taylor’s support.

What did Donald Trump say to Taylor Swift?
With the US elections approaching, there have been strong rumors that Taylor Swift will be supporting Joe Biden and not Donald Trump. In fact, there were also speculations that she would also be a part of the former’s endorsement campaign. Trump decided to take Taylor on her side for this he used Travis Kelce.

Trump’s recent statement is going viral on the internet where he talked about his role in the Music Modernization Act. The former US President put emphasis on the fact that he has plans to update the streaming and copyright laws for the upcoming digital age. It’s a movie that is beneficial for singers and artists like Swift.

“I signed and was responsible for the Music Modernization Act for Taylor Swift and all other Musical Artists. Joe Biden didn’t do anything for Taylor and never will. There’s no way she could endorse crooked Joe Biden,” Donald Trump said in his viral statement.

Going forward, he said the most unexpected and used Travis Kelce as a scapegoat in appealing to Taylor Swift to team up with him. “Besides that, I like her boyfriend, Travis, even though he may be a liberal, and probably can’t stand me!” the former US President explained.

Taylor Swift has a huge fanbase, something that the NFL has taken quite a good advantage of. The Super Bowl 2024 has been a huge success for the league and Taylor Swift played a major part in that. Trump wants to have the same influential advantage in his corner. Nevertheless, what’s your take on this?



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